Chignin bergeron



« Within the dynasty Quenard, Pascal and Annick (...) wanted to continue to produce work of true craftsmen, devoted body and soul to their passion. (...) All these little details give possibility to each vintage to transcend upto giving the rare wine like“Cuvée Noé.  »
Les meilleurs vins de France 2010, Les Guides Laffont Presse, 2010.
« Pascal Quenard prefers that his wines speak for him »
Gault / Millau Guide 2008.
« Pascal Quenard is just a special case in Savoy and is our revelation of the Year. »
Gault / Millau Guide 2008.
« In the countrie of the Bauges Pascal Quenard’s wines are also sympathetic like him, completely naturally, sincere and frank. Quite simply, this wine grower makes wine as he breathes. »
Régal n°21, February-March 2008.
« By April, Pascal Quenard removing a bud on two:" The danger is calculated because it freezes very little here. Then, when the harvest time approaches, I am testing maturity. I take the risk of waiting for the best. My team of pickers is ready. Harvesting is done manually. All the work of a year is played over in a fortnight. They must choose the right grape at the right moment. "In the end, a surprising wine. Far, very far from the stereotypes of local wines.  »
Les stratégies gagnantes du vin, Guide Figaro, April 25 avril, 2006.
« The Quenard's wine are well placed in France's top restaurants (...). All the wines are from very old vines and hand harvested at ripeness. Most Of The Jacquère vine are over 100-years old. (...) Is an Area Quenard Where the old estate vines hobble about, Producing low yield, concentration, finesse, But Still With A sound acidity Up In Those beautiful mountains. (...) Malolactic fermentation Is A Matter of Race for All the wines and They Are Partly Aged in stainless steel and Partly in old barrels. »
Polaner selection’s, Gotham Hall, NYC, 2008.
«Bergeron Chignin Cuvée Noé: His dress is bright gold. The delicate bouquet gives flagrances. The mouth is pulsating. A summer dream that ends well. Essential. »
Les meilleurs vins de France 2010, Les Guides Laffont Presse, 2010.
«Belle discovery that Mondeuse. An incomparable delight that ends with silky tannin taste of  unequaled. freshness. »
Vins et vignobles,October 2008.
« Dazzling Mondeuse, soft, racy – a delicacy. »
Gault / Millau Guide 2008.
« Mondeuse 2006. Nice surprise! A purple robe and an exuberant nose of black fruit (cassis, blackberries, raspberries). A remarkable Mondeuse. »
Guide du vin, HS Le Dauphiné Libéré, 2007.
« Cuvée Noé 2004. In continuation of his father, Raymond Quenard (...), Pascal has developed this Bergeron with his golden color, fruity nose and a touch of blond tobacco and a delicate mouth of fruits and honey. It is supported by good acidity that gives him a nice freshness. »
Guide du vin, HS Le Dauphiné Libéré, 2006.


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